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Clyde's Shots: Capitals-Penguins, March 10, 2014

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Well, Red Jesus Jr. debuted, so there was that.

Shot 1: Will Evgeny Kuznetsov become Red Jesus Jr.?

Shot 2: If you wonder what Calle Johansson might have said to Mike Green, you probably aren't the only one.

Shot 4: Score Eric Fehr.

Shot 11: Dustin Penner in your face, Matt Niskanen.

Shot 12: The Washington Capitals power play.

Shot 14: Sidney Crosby in on Jaroslav Halak with one defenseman two steps behind and the other looking away. That shouldn't sound about right, yet it does, doesn't it?

Shot 19: Kuznetsov is really a Washington Capital, huh?

Shot 22: Jay Beagle takes on a flock of Penguins.

Shot 24: Crosby must have been so happy to see Penner on the east coast, he wanted to give him a hug.

Shot 25: So he did.