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The Noon Number: The Pens are Mightier

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A look at how the Capitals have fared against their biggest rival under their current bench boss

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

0 - Number of points Adam Oates's Caps have been able to garner in six meetings with the Penguins over the past two seasons, including last night's 3-2 loss. En route to that 0-6-0 record, the Caps have been outscored 24-11, outshot by an average of 31.2 to 26.2, scored on four of their 20 power plays (20%), and yielded goals on eight of 19 Pittsburgh extra-man advantages (42.1%).

Oates and the Caps get one more crack at the Pens in 2013-14 (regular season, at least) tonight in Pittsburgh.