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Saturday Caps Clips: Battle for the Bronze

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: John Carlson and Team USA take on Finland for the bronze, Sweden advances to Sunday's gold medal game and more.

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Martin Rose

Your savory breakfast links:

  • The semifinal games are complete, and it's on to the medal rounds. [RMNB]
  • So just how did Canada manage to silence the highest-scoring team in the tournament? [, Puck Daddy]
  • As hyped and exciting as US-Canada games usually are, this one was, well, slightly less impressive than one might have hoped. [AP]
  • Stunned silence, angry headlines, finger-pointing... Russia reacts to the elimination of their home team in the quarterfinals. [Fourth-Place Medal (Chesnokov)]
  • Last time the Russians were bounced in the quarterfinals, Alex Ovechkin's NHL performance took a dip - but 2014 is not 2010. [Peerless]
  • As the Olympics draw to a close, it's time to bust the myth of the post-Olympic hangover. [ESPN ($)]
  • Legendary goalie, Canadian politican and hockey historian Ken Dryden traces the growth of USA hockey and notes why their next gold medal win won't be a miracle. [Grantland]
  • Ted Leonsis shares his thoughts on Alex Ovechkin at the Olympics. [Ted's Take]
  • Speaking of Alex, he was in attendance to watch his Caps' teammate Carlson take on Canada in yesterday's semifinal match. [AP]
  • Meanwhile back in the States he was being blasted by Avalanche coach Patrick Roy. Protecting your own player's failure by throwing another guy under the bus - pretty slick. [Denver Post]
  • Most of the time, our Moments that Matter are fairly clear... but based on some postgame quotes from Adam Oates, this one was a puzzle. [Rink]
  • Meanwhile out at Kettler:
    • With a few teammates still in Sochi and no games until Thursday, the Caps find themselves in limbo between vacation and the stretch run. [WaPo]
    • Although there are rumblings that Evgeny Kuznetsov could be headed to DC this season, the Caps aren't pinning their hopes on that happening. Wise. Very wise. [WaPo]
    • The Canadian contingent on the team was rooting for John Carlson to perform well... but only to a point. [CSNW]
    • They made sure to show him exactly where that point was with some strategically-placed Canadian jingoism (removed by Real American Hero-in-Training Connor Carrick). [katie_carrera]
  • Pretty cool read on hockey's more obscure origins, which precede its adoption as "Canada's game". [G Adventures]
  • Troy Brouwer and his wife, Carmen, show off their lovely Arlington digs. [Home and Design]
  • Great work by the Caps' Top Shelf Teammates program, which raised $12,000 in 2013. Joel Ward will present the check to the Fort Dupont Ice Hockey Program on Monday. [Caps Today]
  • Happy 38th birthday to Patrick Boileau, happy 60th to Al Hangsleben, happy 42nd to Jason Marshall and happy 48th to Joe Reekie.
  • Finally, here's a pretty cool infographic of all Ovechkin goals by NHL location. For some reason he likes scoring goals in Washington, DC...
  • Ovechkin_goals_by_location_medium
    (Courtesy of Ann Frazier, @annfrazi)