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Capitals in Motion: Green, Gloves and Goalie Gear

The week that was in the pretty moving pictures that were, from Green the goal-scorer to Ovechkin the goaltender and everything in between.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Your favorite GIF from last week is one that truly captures what hockey is all about... the love. So here it is one more time, some Norris Trophy-worthy cuddles:


Mike Green is more than just a hugging fool. He's also scored his fair share of goals over the course of his career. More than his fair share, really, as his 100th goal against the Sabres Tuesday night granted him membership into an exclusive club of all-time great blueliners - and that was just the start of a big night for #52.

First, his milestone goal, a slick wraparound marker that finds its way through a maze of bodies and over the goal line...


...and here's the exclamation point on the night, the overtime game-winner off a ridiculous pass from Alex Ovechkin:


Through all the crazy things this team puts us through, sometimes - just sometimes - it's worth it to get to watch some talented guys like that go to work night after night.

Okay, so the team has some elite talent on its roster... and then there are the guys who work hard and bring 100% effort shift after shift, but aren't going to wow you with highlight-reel goals and gaudy point totals. And love them to pieces, but Jay Beagle and Tom Wilson (for now) are definitely in the latter group.

Don't tell them that, though:


Probably shouldn't tell Carey Price, either. Slick moves, fellas.

Okay, but if we're going to talk about slick moves, we have to go back to the master, the king, the incredible juggling Ovechkin:


What's amazing here is that it's not a particularly pretty play from start to finish. The puck is bouncing, he bobbles it a few times, there's chaos in the crease... and yet the juggling is a true display of hand-eye coordination. The shot is so perfectly placed you'd think he planned it. And it's Ovi, so... maybe he did.

You want hand-eye coordination? You want perfect placement? Ovi's goal was nice, but Michal Neuvirth shows how he uses those skills at the other end of the rink, with this glove save on a point-blank shot from Detroit's Gustav Nyquist:


We've known for a long time that Neuvirth's glovehand is nothing to mess around with. Nice to get a reminder every now and then, though.

Considering how valuable that glove has been, Neuvirth should probably hire some sort of security guard to watch over his equipment... or at the very least, lock it up when he's done for the day. Why? Because when he doesn't, a certain Russian gets into it (literally) and causes all sorts of trouble. Observe:


The Caps just got past having three goalies wandering around their locker room, and now this.

Although with all due respect to the captain... he should probably stick to scoring the goals and let other people worry about stopping 'em.

And that about wraps it up for another week. Before we let you go vote, though, tomorrow's matinee brings back memories of another Super Bowl Sunday game over two decades ago. Of course when the Flyers pay a visit to DC, it's always memorable, but the Caps made sure this one really stuck out as they laid a 7-2 beating on the Broad Street Bullies... including this little spin-o-rama by Kelly Miller:


Here's hoping the Caps have another lopsided win in them tomorrow. Enjoy the big game, everyone - and maybe tune in for a bit of that football thing, too!