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The Noon Number: A Tale of Two Teams

A look at the Capitals' wild score-dependant mood swings

Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

16.6 - The difference in percentage points between the Capitals' top-ranked five-on-five Fenwick-For percentage when trailing (60.3%) and their 23rd-ranked percentage when leading (43.7%), the largest discrepancy in the League. (They're currently ranked 12th at 51.7% when tied.)

That the Caps would be better when trailing is no surprise, of course - every team in the League is, and nearly all are above 50% when trailing and below when leading. But that difference is... something (as points of reference, the second largest delta is 14.5 percentage points (New Jersey, Ottawa and San Jose) and the smallest is 1.1 (Pittsburgh)).

(As a reminder, Fenwick-For percentage is simply the number of unblocked shot attempts-for divided by the sum of unblocked shot attempts-for and -against.)

Lastly, on a somewhat related note...