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The Noon Number: Holtback-to-Back?

A look at how the Caps' number one netminder has performed on no rest

Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

.896 - Braden Holtby's save percentage in games when having played the night before.

Seven times in his NHL career, Holtby has appeared in both games of a back-to-back set (six starts and a relief appearance in Toronto earlier this year), and he's gone 2-3-2/.896/3.66 in those games after posting a 6-0-0/.934/1.95 mark over the games that immediately preceded them.

The Caps host Ottawa tonight and travel to Madison Square Garden to face the Rangers tomorrow night. Tempting as it might be to play him in both, Holtby should probably rest for one of the two (and it looks like he's in tonight, so...).