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The Noon Number: First Things First

A look at how important - and unimportant - getting that first goal is in a Caps game

Photo by Jamie Sabau

.824 - Capitals' winning percentage (via a 14-1-2 record) when scoring first so far this season, fourth-highest in the League (the same rank they hold in score-first wins with those 14). Interestingly enough, however, of those 17 games, the Caps relinquished that initial lead 14 times (including last night's win over Columbus).

On the flip side of the coin, the Caps' one win when not scoring first is the fewest in the League (as is their .071 win percentage thanks to a 1-9-4 record in those games)... though in those 14 games, the Caps tied 12 of them at some point after yielding that opening salvo.

So while the team that has scored first in Caps games has a robust 27-2-2 record, 26 of those 31 games have been tied at a score other than 0-0.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the Caps' one regulation loss when scoring first came in Vancouver and the one win when they didn't open the scoring was at Chicago.