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The Noon Number: When Holtby Went Storen

A look at Braden Holtby's inability to close out a win last night

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

0.3 - Percentage likelihood that Braden Holtby would allow a goal to each of the five shooters he faced last night with a lead in the shootout, based on his career shootout save percentage of 67.9% prior to last night. Put another way, there was roughly a 1-in-291 chance that Holtby would surrender a goal on each of those attempts (which included the first career shootout goals for Derek MacKenzie, Sean Bergenheim and Dylan Olsen).

Needless to say, had Holtby stopped any of those five, the Caps would have won... and spared us all the misery of that 20-round shootout.