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Clyde's Shots: Capitals-Blue Jackets, November 11, 2014

45 photos from a Capitals win

Shot 2: It's almost as though the Columbus Blue Jackets knew to pay attention to Marcus Johansson from the beginning. (Perhaps they read Becca.)

Shot 3: Remember in past years when you could almost guarantee the Washington Capitals wouldn't score on a power play was to give them a five on three?

Shot 4: Us…

Shot 5: …either.

Shot 7: And how about that Jay Beagle on the first line?

Shot 9: Yeah, how about it?

Shot 10: On the ice or in the stands, a hockey hug is a hockey hug.

Shot 18: Faceoffs can be a team sport in their own right.

Shot 19: Who knew it took so many players to defend against Matt Niskanen?

Shot 22: Faceoffs can be a team sport in their own right. Wait. That's already been said, hasn't it?

Shot 24: Is the Red still being Rocked? Because it doesn't seem quite the same any more.

Shot 25: World Cup fever may not quite be over.

Shot 30: 40. And 8.

Shot 31: There's nothing remarkable about this photo of Mike Green on the bench. Except it looks a little funny.

Shot 32: Sometimes you wonder what Braden Holtby would look like playing behind a defense.

Shot 33: And then you find out.

Shot 39: The Blue Jackets may be on a losing streak, but their synchronized mouthguard insertions are tracking in the right direction.

Shot 40: Remember that thing about wondering what Holtby would look like playing behind a defense? Sometimes the dense plays behind Holtby.