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The Noon Number: Even Less Special

A look at Detroit's goal-stifling special teams

Greg Fiume

3 - Number of special teams goals scored in Red Wings games so far this season, fewest in the League.

Detroit has scored just two power-play goals on the campaign (in 30 opportunities) and has been even more anti-scoring when shorthanded, allowing just one power-play goal in just 26 times short. (Minnesota has given up two power-play goals and hasn't yet scored with a man-advantage, but has both tallied and surrendered a shorty, so they stand at four total special teams goals for and against.)

The Caps, for their part, have the 11th-fewest total special teams goals (13; seven power-play goals-for, six -against), and, as a point of reference, the Devils have been involved in the most special teams scores (23; eight PPGs, 14 PPGAs and one shorty).

In other words, it would seem likely that tonight's Caps/Wings game at Verizon Center will be decided at even-strength.

(For more on the challenge the Wings' penalty kill faces tonight, head over to MLive.)