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The Noon Number: Taking it One Period at a Time

A look at how the Capitals have fared in the twenty-minute games within the games

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

2 - Number of teams that have a positive goal differential for each of the three periods of regulation so far this season - Washington and Tampa Bay.

The Caps have outscored opponents 6-5 in the first periods, 5-1 in the seconds and 6-3 in the thirds en route to a 3-0-2 record in the early going, and have only been outscored in three of the 15 regulation periods they've played so far (1-0 in the third periods against Montreal and Florida and 3-0 in the first against San Jose), while outscoring their opposition in nine of the 15. (Because you're curious, they played scoreless stanzas in the second against the Canadiens and Panthers, and a 2-2 first against the Devils.)