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The Noon Number: Super Swede

A look at the Caps' top pivot as he stands on the cusp of a pair of major milestones

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

499 - Number of regular-season games played and points (128 goals, 371 assists) for Nicklas Backstrom.

Throughout his career (now in its eighth season somehow), Backstrom has been a model of consistency, playing every game of five of his seasons and only posting fewer than four points over a ten-game span six times (see below). In fact, segment his career into 100-game splits and he's registered 86, 111, 111, 90 and 101 (with a game in hand!) points, barely varying from that point-per-game pace.

So congrats to Backstrom on 500, and here's to the next 500 and beyond.

Backstrom Rolling Points

And while these milestones are impressive and worthy of recognition, Backstrom himself knows they pale in comparison to his ultimate goal...