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Clyde's Shots: Capitals-Devils, October 16, 2014

Six Capitals goals in 60 shots.

Shot 4: Alex Ovechkin celebrates so the front row fan in the dark coat and blue shirt doesn't have to.

Shot 13: Jaromir Jagr and Brooks Orpik both spent 22 combined seasons in Pittsburgh, but never at the same time.

Shot 20: Who knew Barry Trotz was a fist bumper? Chris Brown, that's who.

Shot 22: Does Nicklas Backstrom really need instructions on how to faceoff? (See Shot 41.)

Shot 25: This is the Braden Holtby Capitals fans want to see.

Shot 27: This is not the Braden Holtby Capitals fans want to see

Shot 28: Or this one.

Shot 32: Right, this Braden Holtby.

Shot 34: Alex Ovechkin scoring like this would be pretty cool to see again, but that's okay.

Shot 41: (Recall Shot 22) Evgeny Kuznetsov, on the other hand, could possibly benefit form some faceoff instruction. At least enough to keep himself from getting booted.

Shot 42: In this case, it seemed to work.

Shot 49: Joel Ward always finds a way to score.

Shot 51: Ovechkin trying to block shorthanded shots. Yes or no?

Shot 59: Troy Brouwer and Backstrom smiling on the bench about something that is, apparently, small.