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The Noon Number: Next to Godliness

A look at a clean sheet of a different sort

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor

1 - Number of NHLers who have appeared in every one of their team's games so far this season and have yet to take a penalty. That player? Marcus Johansson. (Colorado's Ryan O'Reilly has played more infraction-free minutes than Johansson this season, but missed last night's game.)

Including last year's playoffs, Johansson has now gone 56 games since his last penalty (a coincidental roughing minor, of all things, against Carolina... but then again, Jeff Skinner). More importantly for the Caps, Johansson's plus-8 penalty differential (minors draws minus those taken) leads the team. Given the team's 25.3% effective power play (and 80.5% effective penalty kill), that's a difference of about two extra goals for the team.

(S/t to @ngreenberg, who has noted Johansson's cleanliness on Twitter a handful of times)