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Capitals in Motion: Bumps, Brouwbombs and Bobbleheads

The week that was in the pretty moving pictures that were, from an Ovechkin blast of a different kind to a lurking Troy Brouwer and everything in between.

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

In perhaps the least-shocking outcome ever, last week's winner as your favorite GIF (in a landslide) was none other than Corey Perry paying an impromptu visit to the Caps bench:


Beautiful goals and spectacular saves are always fun... but there's just something about seeing the ultimate pest getting dumped over the boards that makes hockey truly great, isn't there?

On to this week, as we bid adieu to 2013 and welcomed 2014 with open arms...

First up, a thought - Alex Ovechkin should really make a New Year's resolution to play more physical, because right now he's just barely noticeable out there, as 6'7", 244-pound Brian Boyle can attest to:


Meanwhile, Boyle has a New Year's resolution of his own: locate spleen.

While he works on that, let's take things off the ice, to a pretty cool moment for any professional athlete (or Dwight K. Schrute) - meeting his bobblehead. Here, Jay Beagle seems particularly taken with his mini-me's mega-mullet:


That really is some serious salad there, Jay. Or as the hockey boys would say, sick flow, bro.

Rolling right along...

It's no secret that Europeans have more of an affinity for soccer - known to the rest of the world as football - than those of us here in North America, and Mikhail Grabovski appears to be no exception. Sometimes he just gets confused about what sport he's playing, guys...


GOOOOOOOAAAAA-...oh, wait. Nope. Maybe stick to hockey, Grabo.

Also we're pretty sure that ball going over the glass is a delay of game penalty. [Ed. Note: Soccer ball may not actually be on the ice. We're looking into it.]

During his tenure with the Caps, Brooks Laich has garnered a reputation as quite the talker - always good for a quote or twelve, he's become one of the media's go-to guys. Meanwhile, Troy Brouwer has garnered a reputation of his own as one of the team's jokers, whether he's busting out the Gangnam-style moves or hamming it up for the team's Christmas video.

Put the two together... and magic happens:

Brouwer_lick Brouwer_talk

You can keep your Keslurking, Vancouver. We've got Brouwbombing.

Finally, the big team news this week was John Carlson earning a ticket to Sochi as a member of Team USA's Olympic squad - so his teammates, led by goalie coach (and former Olympian) Olie Kolzig, made sure to celebrate this honor as only hockey players can:


Stick taps and solitary laps all around, boys - Carly's headed to Sochi!

Now before we let you go vote, this week's nostalgic tidbit isn't a miraculous overtime-winning goal or a soul-crushing non-goal. No, this time we've gone with one of the most famous of celebrations from the guy with the best celebrations in franchise history. So with Tampa ahead on the docket this week, we bring you back... to the hot stick:


And that wraps it up for another week of GIFiness, GIFitude and all-around GIF goodness - so which is your favorite? Let us know, and check back next week to see who won!

(As always, s/t to Brendan for his masterful GIF work)