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The Noon Number: Tough Sledding Ahead

A look at the hole the Caps have dug themselves and the mountain that stands in front of them

Greg Fiume

.582 - Combined weighted* points percentage for the teams remaining on the Capitals' schedule this season. Given that the Caps are currently sporting a .520 points percentage (and are playing at an 85.3-point 82-game pace), likely need to snag 40 points in their last 32 games (a 102.5-point 82-game pace and .625 points percentage) in order to hit a likely 92-point playoff threshhold, and will play 18 of those 32 games on the road (where they're 8-11-4 this season)... yeah, the task ahead is daunting.

* "Weighted" means that teams the Caps will play twice are counted twice, etc.