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Friday Caps Clips: Capitals @ Blue Jackets Game Day

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Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Previews of tonight's battle with 'lumbus, leftover thoughts from Wednesday's loss and more.

Patrick Smith

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Previews of tonight's bout with the Blue Jackets from VogsNHL.comAPthe Blue Jackets and Peerless, and be sure to check out our SB Nation pals over at The Cannon for the other side of tonight's matchup.
    • If it's a gameday, that means it's time for the eternal question: who's in net for the Caps? [CSNW]
  • Your Capitals Minute for today. [Capitals Voice]
  • Exploring the many, many issues around the team as they continue to slump:
    • The Capitals are such a weird, strange, bizarre team this year, particularly when it comes to their play in the third period. [NBCW]
    • It's not the taking the lead part of hockey that stymies the Caps; it's holding it for more than 90 seconds. [WashTimes]
    • The lack of defensive depth, the inability to hold leads, mismatched forward lines... all part of the fun that is the 2013-14 Washington Capitals. [WaPo]
    • Despite some mental "issues", Adam Oates isn't about to practice amateur psychology on his team. Good, because pretending to be a doctor is the job of fans on the internet. [CSNW]
    • No, seriously - would the real Washington Capitals please stand up? [Talk the Red]
  • That whole three-headed goalie thing is still lurking. [Caps Outsider]
  • It's probably time for that Connor Carrick/John Erskine pairing to go the way of the dodo. Good thing the Caps have other options to turn to like... um..... [Talk the Red]
  • Interesting stuff on the team's improved Corsi over the last nine games and Mike Green's shooting percentage in this week's Capitals StatTalk. [Capitals Voice]
  • A few leftover notes from Wednesday's loss... the gift that just keeps on giving. [WaPoWashTimesCSNWWNSTPensburghPensblog
    • One more look at Alex Ovechkin's 'stick, unbelievable' goal. Pretty puntastic, that. [Puck Daddy]
    • Losing to the Pens stinks so much that it makes some pretty unappealing things look awesome in comparison. True story. [Capitals Hill]
  • Where does Nicklas Backstrom fall on a list of the League's top 10 centers? [ESPN ($)]
  • Pack the sunblock, Michal Neuvirth? [ESPN]
  • Russia's been taking a lot of heat lately (for many good reasons) but Ovechkin is staying diplomatic about it - and is focused on winning the gold. [AP]