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Capitals in Motion: Scores, Stretches and Saves

The week that was in the pretty moving pictures that were, from a glove save to Brouwbombing: The Sequel and everything in between.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

Last week we saw the introduction of a new fad sweeping the nation - or at least the Caps' locker room - known henceforth as "Brouwbombing". And no surprise here, Troy Brouwer's guest appearance in Brooks Laich's interview took home top GIF honors last week:


Now the question is, can anything this week top the world premiere of Brouwbombing? Can anything challenge its newfound dominance?

...maybe Brouwbombing 2: The Return of Troy. Because he's baaaaack:


He's such a ham that it cannot be contained in just one GIF. It requires a hat trick of Brouwbombs, if you will.

Rolling right along...

We've seen how good Philipp Grubauer has been so far (and what that's done to the goaltending situation). We've documented his rubber band groin, his Gumby impression... and yet he continues to top himself each week, and continues to make appearances here. The latest? This amazing split save from Thursday's win over Tampa:


Pain. So much pain. All the pain. But so very badass.

Let's go from a save that looks like it preempts future generations of Grubauers, to one that isn't nearly as bendy - and wasn't even made by a goalie.

What do you do when a puck rebounds off the netminder and pops up into the air, hovering frighteningly close to the wide-open net? Enter John Carlson:


Glove save and a beaut, because 'Murrica.

It wasn't all about turning aside pucks last week. Occasionally some of them went into the net, and occasionally they were put there by a Capital. For example, this beauty from Mike Green as he undresses Matt Cooke to get to the net:


Admittedly it has not been the best of seasons for #52 - but every once in a while he reminds us all that he's still got some awesome skills, and they were on full display right there.

Also on display in that same game? Some fortuitous bounces (which have also been lacking for Green this year). You know what they say - you have to be lucky to be good, and you have to be good to get luck like this:


And there you have it! But before we let you weigh in on this week's selections, a reminder that the Penguins lie ahead next week. And while the history between the teams is littered with numerous memorable moments (and even some good ones), there's something so poetic and magical... about Bobby Gould punching out Mario Lemieux:


Now that's some old-school Caps-Penguins goodness, right there.

Your turn to weigh in - cast your vote for your favorite GIFs, and be sure to check back next week to see who emerges victorious!