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Monday Caps Clips: Caps @ Flyers Preseason Game Day

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Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Training camp continues, the Caps head to Philly, the NHL ends the scourge of jersey-tucking and more.

Bruce Bennett

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Preview of tonight's preseason tilt on Broad Street from Vogs, and be sure to check out our SBNation pals over at Broadstreet Hockey for more from the other side of tonight's matchup.
  • Programming note: six of the Caps' eight preseason games are on TV this fall, but tonight's is one of the two left out. It's like they're saying Philly isn't fit for TV or something... weird. Catch John Walton's dulcet tones on the Caps' Radio Network.
  • Training camp continues out at Kettler:
  • A few leftover notes on Saturday night's shootout win over Winnipeg in Belleville, Ontario:
    • Second thoughts on the win. [CSNW, Frankovic]
    • Alex Ovechkin spoke with Hockey Night in Canada in between periods... [Alex Ovetjkin]
    • did Tom Wilson, who got to hear that his Hall of Fame coach compared him to Eric Lindros. Hopefully just in terms of skill and size, and not the "never skates with his head up" part. [TVEyesRMNB]
    • Before Mike Green ended the game via the shootout, the Caps got some contributions from a few players who could be Hershey headliners this year. [SHOE]
  • The Bruins are excited to get their preseason games underway, two of which will come against the Caps (...hooray) - and one of which is taking place in good ol' Baltimore tomorrow night. [CSNNE]
  • In new rule news...
    • The NHL continues its NHLing by clarifying the uniform code, which includes restrictions on tucking in jerseys. Pro-tucking advocate Alex Ovechkin: "It's stupid." The rest of us: "Hear, hear." [WaPoPHTEdmonton Sun]
    • Potentially less stupid is the change to goalie nets, which are now svelte and streamlined to allow for more room behind them. [WaPo]
  • A look ahead to Brooks Laich's, Ovechkin's and Mathieu Perreault's 2013-14. [PeerlessPeerlessPeerless (hat trick!)]
  • Happy one year anniversary of the day the NHL locked out the players, everyone!! They say paper is the traditional gift for the first anniversary... hey, look, we already got them the perfect present. [CSNW]
  • Great, in-depth look at the growth of hockey in the United States over the last decade. USA Hockey is do or die, baby. [USoH]
  • Finally, happy 24th birthday to Braden Holtby.