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Free Agent Frenzyday Caps Clips

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: It's Free Agent Frenzyday! The day in which every general manager fixes the holes on his team while simultaneously adding to the burden on its rivals.

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Here's Grabovski playing the hard minutes against tough competition...
Here's Grabovski playing the hard minutes against tough competition...
Greg Fiume

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Tab One - Japers' Rink. Tab Two - Twitter. Tab Three - CapGeek. It's Free Agent Frenzyday!
  • Er, but if you're a Caps fan, the key phrase might be "managed expectations..." [WaPo]
  • ... which dovetails neatly with the reduced salary cap this season... [USA Today]
  • ... but no. Free agency is a time to dream. Bring on the shopping lists! [Dump-n-Chase, Red Line Station, Caps Outsider]
  • Matt Hendricks has almost certainly earned a raise, and nearly as certainly will not be earning that raise with the Caps. [BrooksLaichYear]
  • It's probably best that no Caps names appear on either of these lists - revisiting the 2010 and 2011 free agent signings (as applied to fantasy hockey) [Dobber Hockey 2010, 2011]
  • So, about those long contracts - were they terrible? [Grantland, with a response from Uncle Ted]
  • Oh hai there Alex Ovechkin. The League's reigning best right wing and second best left wing spent the day Building Kazakhstan's Hockey Capital with a trip to Astana to assist at the dedication of a new national sports club, where K-stan can train all of its national athletes. [HC Barys,, Instagram (pic)]
  • Finally, happy 35th birthday to Chris Hajt, happy 37th to Dwayne Zinger, and happy 52nd to Todd Bidner.