2013 Washington Capitals Development Camp, July 8-13

Information on invitees, attendees and the schedule will be updated as the information is released. Below is information known at this time.

Link to Washington Capitals Development Guide including roster and schedule

Location: Kettler Capitals IcePlex, Arlington, VA at Ballston Common Mall

About the Official Roster: Signed Players and Caps Draft Picks

- All six 2013 draft picks are on the camp roster

- Four players are signed to NHL contracts: Anderson, Schmidt, Wey & Wilson

- Nine forwards, ten defensemen, and two goalies on the roster

- Prospects not on the camp roster: Greg Burke, Thomas Di Pauli, Evgeny Kuznetsov, Austin Wuthrich

(Didn't expect Kuznetsov. Plenty of reasons NCAA players don't attend from summer school classes to the cost. Given injury to end his season and his rights expiring, assuming Greg Burke will become an UFA in August.)

Free Agent Invites:

Capitals typically do not identify the free agent invites in their press releases about development camp, the release today indicated the full roster will be released on Monday, July 8...the players below have been identified via articles, blogs and twitter (all subject to change):

Invited players are listed in alphabetical order by position: F-D-G; for hockeydb or eliteprospects profile click on the player's name.


Sam Anas, Youngstown/USHL, headed to Quinnipiac/NCAA (local player/prospect)

Kyle Baun, Colgate/NCAA

Chance Braid, Prince Albert/WHL

TJ Foster, F, Edmonton/WHL

Zach Harnden, Western/CIS

Christian Hilbrich, Cornell/NCAA

Nolan LaPorte, Western Michigan/NCAA

Justin Larson, Waterloo/CIS

Stephane Legault, Edmonton/WHL

Boston Leier, Medicine Hat/WHL (teammate of '13 draft pick Lewington)

Rob Linsmayer, Holy Cross/NCAA

Conor MacPhee, EJHL/headed to Providence/NCAA (teammate of '13 draft pick Sanford)

Domenic Monardo, F, Lake Superior/NCAA

Cody Murphy, Miami/NCAA

Brandon Tanev, Providence/NCAA


Michal Cajkovsky, Ottawa/OHL

Chris Joyaux, Miami/NCAA (attended last July, too)

Connor Kucera, Bowling Green/NCAA

Mike Monfredo, Quad City/CHL

Matt Petgrave, Oshawa/OHL

Travis Walsh, Michigan State/NCAA

Dalton Young, Saginaw/OHL


Louis-Philip Guindon, Drummondville/QMJHL

Clarke Saunders, UND/NCAA

Guest Coach

Yanick Jean, Victoriaville/Q

Schedule: For the complete schedule including media availability see the link above and the Washington Capitals website.

Monday, July 8

9:00 a.m.: Team White on ice (testing)

10:45 a.m.: Team Red on ice (testing)

2:30 p.m.: Team White on ice

4:00 p.m.: Team Red on ice

Tuesday, July 9

9:15 a.m.: Team Red on ice

10:50 a.m.: Team White on ice

Wednesday, July 10

9:00 a.m.: Team Red on ice

10:30 a.m.: Team White on ice

3:45 p.m.: Intrasquad scrimmage

Thursday, July 11:

9:00 a.m.: Team White on ice

10:00 a.m.: Team Red on ice

3:00 p.m.: Intrasquad scrimmage

Friday, July 12:

11:00 a.m.: Intrasquad scrimmage

Saturday, July 13 source; FanFest/Equipment Sale

10:00 a.m.: Intrasquad scrimmage

Caps FanFest information for Saturday July 13. Equipment Sale is typically open to the public around noon, but have not seen a specific time published. See the Caps releases for more information about fanfest

The on-ice workouts, which will include multiple scrimmages, are open to the public and media. The off-ice workouts are closed.

Roster information from Day 1 of on-ice camp; note assignments in past years have changed over the week, as necessary due to injuries and other reasons

Team White


Sam Anas (92), Riley Barber (44), Kyle Baun (6), Chance Braid (63), TJ Foster (3), Caleb Herbert (72), Christian Hilbrich (18), Justin Larson (33), Boston Leier (75), Domenic Monardo (15), Cody Murphy, (14) Taylor Stefishen (96); Latta just for Monday


Connor Carrick (58), Michal Cajkovsky (47), Blake Heinrich (60), Mike Monfredo (79), Matt Petgrave (40), Travis Walsh (87), Patrick Wey (56), Dalton Young (91)

Team Red


Travis Boyd (53), Andre Burakovsky (65), Zach Harnden (46), Nolan LaPorte (22), Stephane Legault (13), Rob Linsmayer (97), Conor MacPhee (2), Brian Pinho (80), Zach Sanford (82), Chandler Stephenson (17), Brandon Tanev (23), Tom Wilson (43)


Madison Bowey (55), Garrett Haar (39), Chris Joyaux (93), Patrick Koudys (51), Connor Kucera (89), Tyler Lewington (77), Jaynen Rissling (28), Nate Schmidt (88)


Brandon Anderson (78), Sergey Kostenko (57)

Louis-Philip Guindon (1), Clarke Saunders (71)

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