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Thursday Caps Clips

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Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Mandatory visors, Russian love in Paris, why the NHL playoffs rock and more.

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Greg Fiume

Your savory breakfast links:

  • More on the new rule that will see visors become mandatory - with some grandfathering in effect - starting next season. [WaPo, CSNW]
  • Step right up, Eric Fehr, time to get your grades for the season... [CSNW]
  • Why the NHL playoffs are the bestest playoffs in all of sports... even without the Caps. Which is good because otherwise they'd always be awful after the first round ha ha ha. [SI]
  • Worlds are opening up - or should we say THE Worlds - to former Cap and Caps coach Dale Hunter, who could be in the running for Team Canada at next year's IIHF World Championship. [LFPress]
  • Ah, Paris. City of love. La ville de l'amour, if you will, especially for Alex Ovechkin and his tennis-playing betrothed. N'aww. [WaPo]
  • Speaking of Ovi, check out this awesome artwork of the captain - Russian machine never break, but he could look lovely on your wall! [Etsy]
  • Finally, happy 39th birthday to Anson Carter.