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Friday Caps Clips

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Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: As many reviews of fans as of players, thoughts on The Window and more.

Bruce Fedyck - USA TODAY Sports

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Hypothetically speaking, which should be the Caps' top off-season priority if Mike Ribeiro leaves - adding a second-line center or another top-four defenseman? [Japers' Rink]
  • Looking back at Aaron Volpatti's 2013. [CSNW, with our take here]
  • Time's a-tickin' for Cameron Schilling. [CSNW]
  • Is the window closed? [THW]
  • A+ for you guys, you guys. [Peerless]
  • Speaking of, catching up with The Horn Guy. [Caps Outsider]
  • A hearty endorsement for the new bench boss in Hershey from an old friend. [Patriot-News]
  • Finally, happy 63rd birthday to Ron Low and happy 65th birthday to Denis Dupere.