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The Noon Number: 1

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Today's Number looks at the something that has to give with the Caps holding a 2-0 lead in the series

Bruce Bennett

The Noon Number: 1 - Number of times in 20 chances that the Rangers have come back to win a best-of-seven series in which they trailed two-games-to-none (the one being their 1996 Conference Quarterfinal match-up with Montreal in which they lost the first two games on home ice before running off four-straight wins over the Habs).

The flip side of the coin is that the Caps are just 2-4 all-time in best-of-seven series in which they won the first two games, and are 0-6 in the Game 3's of those series. Per WhoWins, "[t]he Washington 2-4 best-of-7 MLB/NBA/NHL playoff series record [win percentage] when leading 2-games-nil exceeds only that of the old MLB Brooklyn Dodgers (0-1 series record when up 2-games-nil), NHL Hartford Whalers (0-1 when up 2-games-nil), MLB Milwaukee Braves (0-1), and NHL Quebec Nordiques (0-2) in that situation."

Of course, the most relevant series (if any is) from each team's history in its current position is the 2011 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, in which the Caps opened the series with a couple of wins at Verizon Center and then lost Game 3 at Madison Square Garden before closing out the series in five games.