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The Noon Number: 10

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Today's Number looks at the Capitals' recent good fortunes at home in the post-season against the Rangers

Photo by Clyde Caplan/

The Noon Number: 10 - Number of victories the Capitals have in their last 11 home playoff games against the Rangers. Per Elias:

The Caps have won 10 of their last 11 home playoff games against the Rangers (starting with Game Five of their series in 2009), and their only loss came in triple-overtime (Game Three last year, with Marian Gaborik scoring the winning goal for the Rangers at the 14:41 mark of the third overtime period). Washington has outscored the Rangers, 25-10, over those 11 games, and in only two of them did they allow as many as two goals (they allowed one goal in six games and no goals in three).

Let's push that to 11-of-12, shall we?