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Clyde's Shots: Capitals-Rangers, May 10, 2013

61 shots of the Capitals welcoming Tom Wilson to the NHL with an overtime playoff win in Game Five.

Shot 1: Welcome to the Playoffs, Tom Wilson.

Shot 6: In the shape of "M" for "Monumental.

Shot 10: When you jump but the puck never gets there.

Shot 17: Wilson fitting right in.

Shot 21: Without Mike Ribeiro doing this, he may never have had the chance to what he did later in Shot 55.

Shot 23: Joel Ward does the work…

Shots 24-26: …and Alex Ovechkin gets the spotlight. It's an angle thing.

Shot 31: Coach Adam Oates gives us a meme worthy smile.

Shot 37: Rick Nash. Remember him? Didn't think so.

Shot 44: Hopefully, Marcus Johansson said something to the linesman as his expression makes it look.

Shot 51: Steven Oleksy found the way to beat Rick Nash's move...

Shot 52: …and he and Braden Holtby pay the price for beating Nash's move.

Shot 53: Right shot.

Shot 54: Left shot.

Shot 55: Blurry shot.

Shot 56: All eyes.