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Clyde's Shots: Capitals-Maple Leafs, April 16, 2013

Slapshot, whiffs, Ovechkin, shots, goals, fights, the three something-or-others and more in 44 shots.

Shots 1-3: These spotlight shots can get repetitive, but I like them.
Shot 5: Whiff. To be continued…
Shot 7: Jack Hillen almost looks like he's thinking, "Come on. Really? Another one?"
Shot 8: The three wise leafs? The three blind leafs? The three little leafs? The three stooges? The three amigos? The three musketeers? The three billy goats gruff? The three caballeros?
Shot 20: What's wrong with this picture?
Shot 24: …continued. Not a whiff.
Shot 27: Someday, I'd like Mike Ribeiro to center Alex Ovechkin and Martin Erat for just long enough to let me get the shot I really want.
Shot 29: I guess Aaron Volpatti uses a stick with a bit of flex.
Shot 31: Closest thing to a Ribeiro face in this set.
Shot 36: Peek-a-boo-Martin Erat.