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The Noon Number: 84

Today's Number takes a look at the shooting gallery that Braden Holtby has faced the past couple of times out.


The Noon Number: 84 - Number of shots on goal the Capitals have faced over the past two games, the highest total since they allowed 46 and 38 in back-to-back games to Detroit and Pittsburgh, respectively, in January of 2010. The last time the Caps allowed more shots in consecutive games was in October of 2007, when they yielded 41 and 53 to the Rangers and Sabres on back-to-back nights.

Of course, the Caps won these past two games, marking the first time they've allowed 40-plus shots against in back-to-back games and won them both since October of 2009 victories over Philly (43 SOG) and Atlanta (41 SOG). (Of note, that was also the last time they allowed 40-plus shots in consecutive games.) If they manage to pull off another 40-SOGA win tonight against Toronto (and we can expect a lot of shots tonight - both the Caps and Leafs come into the game in the top-five in shots allowed), it'll be the first time they've had three wins in a row with 40 or more shots-against since the final three games of the 2005-06 season.