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The Noon Number: 8

Today's Number looks at just how improbable last night's comeback was...

Rob Carr

The Noon Number: 8 - League-high number of times over the last five seasons that the Capitals have rallied from a three-goal deficit to win a game, with the eighth of those coming last night against Boston. (The Caps had last accomplished the feat last March against the Islanders, and had also pulled it off earlier in the seasons against the Ducks.)

As if seven-times-in-five-seasons wasn't daunting enough (despite the Caps' relative success), the Bruins had been 89-1-0 in games in which they held a three-goal lead since the start of the 2008-2009 season, with all 90 games wrapping up in regulation.

So, prior to last night, the Caps had trailed by three and won in seven of their last 348 games (2%) over the last five seasons, and the Bruins had led by three and lost in one of their last 347 games (0.3%).

... and that's why you watch the games.

H/t Elias Sports Bureau via ESPN