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Clyde's Shots: Capitals-Bruins, March 5, 2013

38 shots of the Caps comeback win last night to pass the time during today's Snowquester.

What kind of fun can these shots provide during the Snowquester?

Shot 4: "You're gonna score, then I'm gonna score...but first we're gonna let them score a few more just to make it more fun for the fans."

Shots 6 & 7: Range.

Shot 13: "Are you absolutely certain that call was correct, sir?"

Shot 15: This is just 3 steps away from cats and dogs living together, right?

Shots 19 & 20: This guy needs to score more.

Shot 29: Head over heels for hockey.

Shot 32: Something about this had the same vibe as the first game against the Devils.

Shot 34: Look close and you can see the wrong plan being hatched.