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The Noon Number: 3

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Today's Number looks at a rare away-from-home Caps accomplishment


The Noon Number: 3 - Number of times the Caps have posted shutouts in consecutive visits to a city within the same season, with the third coming last night in Winnipeg after a 3-0 whitewashing earlier in the month (with Braden Holtby authoring both blankings).

The previous two times Washington has pulled off the feat both came in Montreal, on January 18 (Michal Neuvirth) and February 4, 2012 (Tomas Vokoun) and February 10 and 26, 2000 (Olie Kolzig with both).

Three is also the number of times the Caps have shutout the Jets in five games in Winnipeg since the Thrashers moved there.