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The Noon Number: 1.000

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Today's Number takes a look at how the Caps' record this season has reflected each game's score at even-strength

Greg Fiume

The Noon Number: 1.000 - Capitals' winning percentage this season when outscoring their opponent at even-strength, via an 8-0-0 record. On the flip side of that coin, the team is 1-13-1 when outscored at even-strength, with the win and the overtime loss coming in games they trailed by two with eight minutes left (the big comebacks in New Jersey and Florida that ended in overtime). Perhaps unsurprisingly, that leaves a relatively even 3-2-0 mark when even at even-strength.

(Note: this post previously had the record as 9-0-0 and 2-2-0, not 8-0-0 and 3-2-0.)