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The Noon Number: 124:08

Today's number takes a look at how long it's been since the Caps have lit the lamp in The Triangle

Yep, this is a shot from that game.
Yep, this is a shot from that game.
James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

The Noon Number: 124:08 - Amount of game time that has passed since the Capitals last scored a goal on the road against the Hurricanes. Since then (November 4, 2011), Washington has been shutout twice by a combined score of 8-0, totalling only 40 shots on Cam Ward and Justin Peters.

The good news, perhaps, is that indications are that the Caps won't face Ward (injured) or Peters (3-1-0/1.48/.945 in his career against the Caps, 10-11-3/3.41/.897 against everyone else) tonight in Raleigh, but rather Dan Ellis, who is 0-2-3/3.44/.890 all-time against Washington. And yet they'll probably still insist on playing the game...