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Clyde's Shots: Capitals-Hurricanes, February 26, 2013

With 40 shots, the Washington Capitals outshot Clyde's 39 shots.

There are more than a few shots here of Alex Semin here. I really dig watching the guy play and it was fun to see him do his thing at Verizon Center again. For whatever negative qualities people like to ascribe to him, the guy has skill and much more often than not, he's just flat out amazing to watch.

So what's going on in these photos?

Shot 3: The night in a nutshell.

Shot 9: Stares all around?

Shot 10: Holtby gets in on the staring, too.

Shot 12: Uh-oh, Corvo.

Shot 16: Erskine shoots...

Shot 17: ...and scores.

Shot 18: It's oh so weird, but so, so cool.

Shot 24: Was it Ward or Ward?

Shot 25: America may run on Dunkin, but Russia rows on Dunkin.

Shot 31: You want to say it, you know you do.

Shot 37: You still do.