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Clyde's Shots: Capitals-Devils, February 21, 2013

34 shots from Clyde are probably not a good substitute for the shots the Caps forgot to take, but are fun to look at anyway.

What's fun to look at here?

Shot #2: Alex Ovechkin jumps not once... (to be continued)

Shot #3: The object is to shoot it where the goalie's glove will not be. Then again, it kind of looks cool.

Shot #4: In "Bang the Drum Slowly," the team won the championship and someone died. How about the Capitals do the former and we limit the latter to the little bits of the fans that die inside after every game like the one last night?

Shot #5: Ovechkin schools New Jersey defenseman Andy Greene cleanly once.

Shot #6: Ovechkin takes advantage of New Jersey defenseman Henrik Tallinder once.

Shots #9 & #10: Ovechkin forces New Jersey defenseman Anton Volchenkov to draw a penalty after beating Tallinder once again.

Shot #14: A power play is not supposed to look like this, right?

Shot #17: I don't think it's supposed to look like this either.

Shot #18: I was taught that a power play should look like this.

Shot #19: Ovechkin schools New Jersey defenseman Andy Greene cleanly once again.

Shot #26: It is very difficult to score from this box.

Shot #33: Note to fans: The real stars at NHL hockey games are not on the ice, but in the glass.

Shot #34: (continued from Shot #2)...but twice. Neither was for joy.