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Tuesday Caps Clips: A Little R&R

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Sifting through leftovers from Sunday's loss in NYC, checking in with Ovechkin and Laich and more.

Bruce Bennett

Your savory breakfast links:

  • The Caps have a lengthy - and rare - break between games, and they're going to use the time off to fix some of the things that need fixing. [WaPo, Wash Times]
  • They'll need to fix it fast, because in order to turn their season around they have to figure out how to beat good, hard-working teams - and they've got some pretty good ones coming up. [CSNW]
  • Some leftover thoughts from Sunday's matinee loss in New York, including an APB for the offense... [WaPo, Wash Times, DCEx]
  • ...and a look at the week (and weekend) that was. [Caps Daily, Peerless]
  • After a pointless outing in NY, it's time for Alex Ovechkin to find his game and answer the critics that seem to grow louder every game. [CSNW, Alex Ovetjkin]
  • Kind of like this one. For what it's worth, there's probably something to the fact that the joy has gone out of his game...although I wouldn't be having fun if people kept writing about how I was washed up, either, so there's that. []
  • After weeks of silence on his injury status, Brooks Laich is finally talking about his injury and seems a little frustrated. And Laich Groin Watch 2013 continues. Er...wait. [Wash Times]
  • Looking at how current standings (and past trends) could predict who will - and won't - make the playoffs. [THW]
  • Somewhat related, with the #2 pick in the 2013 draft, the Washington Capitals are proud to select... [ESPN ($)]
  • John Carlson gets some hometown ink ahead of the Devils' visit to DC. []
  • The ladies were out in full force last night, as for the seventh straight year the Capitals hosted Hockey 'N Heels. [CSNW, Caps OT, Capitals Outsider, OFB]
  • Over the weekend the Hershey-Derry Township Historical Society unveiled a permanent exhibit called "From B'ars to Bears: A Chocolate and White History of Hockey" tracing the 80-year history of our beloved AHL affiliate. Awesome. Road trip!! [LDNews]
  • I know that it's very exciting when a team of millionaires meets expectations (and lord knows we wouldn't know what that looks like around here), but ranking the 2002 gold medal over the Miracle on Ice? I think not. [Grantland (DGB)]
  • And finally, congrats to the Whitby Wolves of Ontario on capturing the JWHL championship out at Kettler this weekend. [Caps OT]