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Clyde's Shots: Capitals-Panthers, February 9, 2013

Better Caps play makes better Caps photos!

This set has a few interesting things going on...

Shot #2: Rockstar, right?

Shots #7 & #8: Is the return of questionable hockey hair a tribute to the shortened season of 1994-95?

Shot #10: Visually, kinda cool, but kinda looks like something went wrong, huh?

Shot #12: 17, 18, 19.

Shot #20: Focus caught on the netting, but it's a mistake that works.

Shot #21: Spot the jersey foul if you can.

Shot #25: Jeff Schultz was a shooting machine.

Shots #29-#32: There a lot of Mathieu Perreault's goal and subsequent celebration in case it's a long wait until the next one. Plus, I couldn't decide which I liked best.

Shots #34 & #35: I'm really glad the Panthers didn't score with Eric Fehr in the box and end Braden Holtby's shutout bid. By the looks of it, Fehr probably is, too.

Shot #38: Holtby gave his stick to a kid. was there to get a photo.