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Clyde's Shots: Capitals-Predators, December 7, 2013

When Alzner and Schmidt score, you know the shots must be good

Shot 2: For a guy that wants out, Martin Erat sure was working hard to get around around Seth Jones.

Shot 4: From this perspective, it first looked like Troy Brouwer knew something that no one else in Verizon Center knew that would disallow the goal, but it turned out he was the only one in Verizon Center that didn't know he scored.

Shot 6: And the smiles came back.

Shot 9: And Alex Ovechkin scored again.

Shot 14: And John Carlson threw a hit, but this wasn't one.

Shot 15: Karl Alzner with nothing but net, just like, um, never before in Verizon Center.

Shot 17: Patrick Wey about to be welcomed to the NHL. This was a better look for Matt Hendricks when he was wearing the red jersey.

Shot 19: With another 3-0 lead, Braden Holtby almost made it feel like deja vu all over again.

Shot 20: What happens if the other team does't show up for a game?

Shot 21: We do.

Shot 29: Gabriel Bourque. Ouch!

Shot 30: Remember Snovechkin!

Shot 31: Probably a good thing that Holtby didn't mind having someone look over his shoulder.

Shot 33 & Shot 34: It took Alzner 148 games at Verizon Center to score a goal. It took Nate Schmidt 15. Something worth screaming about, for sure.

Shot 36: Wey gets another welcome to the NHL.