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Capitals in Motion: Hats Off

The week that was in the pretty moving pictures that were, from flying hats to last-minute snipes and everything in between.

Bruce Bennett

Before we get to this week's crop of GIFs, a look back at last week's very deserving winner... Michael Latta and his celebratory dance of joy:


Celebratin' Latta! Was there ever any doubt?

Now that everyone's recovered from their turkey comas and overdoses of pie, it's time for another heaping helping of GIFs from the last two weeks. To kick things off, a little captain-on-captain action:


Alex, meet Brian... Brian, meet ice. Welcome to DC.

Rolling right along...

It's not uncommon for hats to be thrown on the ice at a hockey game - of course, usually it is done to celebrate a player scoring three goals, and usually it is done by the person actually wearing the hat.

Joel Ward cares not for your hat-throwing rules:


From one goalie losing his hat to another goalie losing his mind... guys, James Reimer has absolutely no clue where the puck is. None whatsoever. He just knows that if he drops his goalie stick and wiggles his legs around enough and prays to all the deities, maybe - just maybe - that puck will stay out of his net.


...huh, whaddaya know. Prayer works.

Speaking of divine intervention, it had to be some sort of assistance from the hockey gods that helped the Caps score a last-minute, game-tying, shorthanded goal in Long Island to help them force overtime. Or maybe it's just the awesomeness that is Nicklas Backstrom, working in divine ways:


It was a great moment. It was an unexpected moment. And it set the stage for the king of the great and unexpected, Alex Ovechkin, to step in and put this one away:


So that Ovechkin guy is good at hockey, no?

And there you have it - a look at the best the last two weeks have to offer in GIF form. Before you make your picks, though, a little Flashback Friday to get you ready for this weekend's battle with the Rangers:


It's an important reminder, and proof, of the fact that:

a) Mike Green can actually score awesome, important goals


b) The Caps have actually scored goals on Henrik Lundqvist before. Promise. Happy Friday!