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Clyde's Shots: Capitals-Hurricanes, December 3, 2013

34 shots, or two more than the Caps gave up.

Shot 1: Braden Holtby when the night still looked good.

Shot 6: Eric Staal and Justin Peters get themselves acquainted.

Shot 9: Hurricanes over the Capitals.

Shot 21: This was not a goal.

Shot 24: Whatever Alex Ovechkin said to Nicklas Backstrom, it probably didn't work.

Shot 26: If Mikhail Grabovski's helmet stayed in place on his head, his visor would probably stay in place in front of his face and he might need fewer stitches.

Shot 29: Ted Leonsis. Watching.

Shot 30: See the puck that Mike Green scored with.

Shot 31: If only Green saw the light from lighting the lamp a bit more often.