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Clyde's Shots: Capitals-Lightning, December 10, 2013

39 shots. 4 goals. 1 win.

Shot 1: Mike Green leaving his home away from home… (continued in Shot 5)

Shot 4: Braden Holtby was not very happy about how things went.

Shot 5: (continued from Shot 1) …but not for long.

Shot 8: Setting up 8. Hah.

Shot 9: 1.

Shot 13: Philipp Grubauer Rocking the Red.

Shot 14: Holtby calming down some.

Shot 18: 2.

Shot 19: 3.

Shot 21: Holtby sure looks happy here. At least until Jason Chimera stole his hat for the hat trick.

Shot 25: It wasn't over yet.

Shot 28: 4. Count 'em. Four.

Shot 30: Note: Yes, this shot is out of focus, but who cares?