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The Noon Number: Hail to the Capitals and Let's Go 'Skins

A look at a rare Washington double-shot

Two pictures from Washington-New York, December 30, 2006
Two pictures from Washington-New York, December 30, 2006
Shanahan-Brashear by Bruce Bennett Getty Images Sport; Campbell by Jamie Squire Getty Images Sport

4 - Number of times throughout their respective histories that the Capitals and Redskins have each played teams from the same city (close enough) on the same day. Tonight, when the Caps host the Minnesota Wild and the 'Skins do battle on the road with the Minnesota Vikings, will be the fifth time it's happened. The prior four:

Date Capitals Redskins
October 20, 1974 Lost 5-0 vs. the New York Islanders Won 24-3 vs. New York Giants
December 17, 1977 Won 2-1 at the Los Angeles Kings Won 17-14 vs. the Los Angeles Rams
December 22, 1991 Lost 4-3 at the Philadelphia Flyers Lost 22-24 at the Philadelphia Eagles
December 30, 2006 Lost 4-1 at the New York Rangers Lost 34-28 vs. the New York Giants

And yes, we know that the Islanders and Giants (heck, the Rangers and Giants) don't play in the same city, but the executive decision was made to include them on this list, whereas a December 15, 1990 double-dip against the Hartford Whalers and New England Patriots was not. Feel free to change the list in your mind as you see fit.

(S/t Hockey Reference and Pro Football Reference for the data.)

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