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Clyde's Shots: Capitals-Islanders, November 5, 2013

35 smile filled shots of the Capitals defeating the Islanders

Great news! Galleries have had some major improvements:

  • You can now cycle through the photos with the arrow keys on your keyboard instead of having to click.
  • There are thumbnails below the current image.
  • Each image has a unique URL which makes it a lot easier to send links to specific images within the galleries.
  • To quote someone famous namelessly, "That's awesome... right?"

So, what's in these shots?

Shot 3: It was Marcus Johansson's turn to fly this time.

Shot 7: When did Johansson start throwing checks like this? Some fans certainly look surprised.

Shot 11: Tom Wilson not scoring his first NHL goal.

Shot 12: Does anyone know if Martin Erat ever played baseball? And if he enjoyed sliding into catchers at home plate?

Shot 13: Alex Ovechkin begins making Capitals smile at the bench beginning with Troy Brouwer.

Shot 15: Ovechkin continues spreading the smiles with Johansson.

Shot 16:
Alexander Urbom brings the boom.

Shot 19: Some celebrations are a reach.

Shot 20:
Is Tom Wilson Joel Ward's hero?

Shot 21: Even Adam Oates can smile on the bench from time to time.

Shot 23
and Shot 24: Does anyone remember when Ovechkin couldn't score on Evgeni Nabokov? Me neither.

Shot 25: Sometimes, it's easier to just take a seat.

Shot 30: Tom Wilson scoring his first NHL goal.

Shot 31: Tom Wilson celebrating his first NHL goal.

Shot 33:
Ovechkin spreads even more smiles with Wilson.

Shot 34: Troy Brouwer looking for his bobble head.