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Clyde's Shots: Capitals-Panthers, November 2, 2013

59 photos of the Capitals win over the Panthers, or said another way, 2.57 Clyde's Shots for every Caps shot.

Shot 1: Not a normal starting lineup, but whatever works.

Shot 3: Old teammates Olie Kolzig and Alex Ovechkin playing a game of [fill in the blank].

Shot 5: With no Ovechkin to triple team, Nicklas Backstrom gets all the attention.

Shot 6: Marcel Goc almost goes for the eye gouge on Michael Latta?

Shot 9: Mikhail Grabovski covers Jonathan Huberdeau anyway he can.

Shot 15: There is a fan here that was shooting mad.

Shot 16: Tom Wilson finally gets to celebrate a Capitals goal scored while he was on the ice.

Shot 18: And it looks like Wilson has quite the G face, so let's hope for more in future shots.

Shot 22: Three goal games, one man penalty kills. Joel Ward can do anything. Except exit the bathroom.

Shot 24: Steve Oleksy making friends with Krys Barch.

Shot 26: The Capitals finally get a power play chance at 19:17 of the second period.

Shot 28: Direction is everything.

Shot 30: Barch Letting Oleksy just how much he enjoys their friendship.

Shot 31: It's like Oleksy said "Psych!" about being friends.

Shot 38: With Ovechkin out Eric Fehr picks up the slack in shooting from mid air.

Shot 44: The fan from Shot 15 is now shooting happy.