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Clyde's Shots: Capitals-Canadiens, November 22, 2013

33 shots of the Capitals losing to the Canadiens, but Wayne Gretzky was there.

Shot 1: When you're Alex Ovechkin, there's no reason not to take shots like this.

Shot 2: Brendan Gallagher finds the quick way over Michal Neuvirth.

Shot 5: When PK Subban fights Troy Brouwer, well, it's not very exciting.

Shot 7: Raise your hand if you think Jason Chimera was wondering if he was the one getting called.

Shot 11: Someday, the Capitals might score on a fie on three. That day was not Friday.

Shot 14 & Shot 15: Even the kids know the refs are out to get the Caps.

Shot 21: Brooks Laich argues a bad call in Shot 21 and I didn't even mean it that way.

Shot 23: Wayne Gretzky was signing everything handed to him in the second intermission.

Shot 25 & Shot 26: When Brian Gionta and Ovechkin kept bumping and cross checking each other away from the play for 30 seconds, there was no doubt that Ovechkin would eventually take the penalty.

Shot 28: It is nice to see the Capitals standing up for each other this season.

Shot 30: Goals like this give hope when hope is the last refuge of the nearly defeated.

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