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The Noon Number: Primary Resources

Today's Noon Number looks at a pair of skaters with a mutually beneficial relationship.


6 - Number of even-strength primary assists recorded by Marcus Johansson on goals scored by Alex Ovechkin, including his 4v4 primary last night in overtime. In fact, Ovechkin has only scored 1 goal at even-strength that was not primarily assisted by Johansson.

Johansson leads the Capitals in total even-strength assists with 8 (all primaries), but the 6 assists recorded under these fairly specific criteria are equal to the total even-strength assists tallied by each of the team's next most prolific dishers, Mikhail Grabovski and Jason Chimera. Marcus is tied for second in the NHL in 5v5 primary assists. If you include all game situations, Johansson leads the NHL in primary assists, and there's only one skater in the league who's notching them at a greater rate at five-on-five than MoJo (minimum 15 games played, five minutes per night). That skater? Mathieu Perreault.

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