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The Noon Number: More Than a Third from the Third

Today's Noon Number takes a look at an unlikely line's production against its fellows.

Rich Lam

39.39- Percentage of the Capital's even-strength goals that have been scored by the members of the current third line. Joel Ward has 5 even-strength markers. Jason Chimera also has 5. Their pivot, Mikhail Grabovski has 3. The entire team has managed 33 even-strength tallies through 18 games. And from the Department of Did-Not-See-That-Coming, the 10 even-strength goals from Chimmer and Wardo match those boasted by Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom.

While it's great to see this kind of production from a supposed checking line (though Grabovski doesn't necessarily comply with that mold), it'd be nice to see, say, the second line join the party (and temper the percentages).