Operation Save Wardo: The Thrilling Rescue of Joel Ward

Bruce Bennett

Earlier this morning, a plaintive cry for help went out across the Twittersphere from a Caps' forward in distress:

Yes, Joel Ward somehow found himself trapped in a bathroom stall. Perhaps it was foul play, a dastardly plot by one of tonight's opponents in an attempt to keep his awesomeness off the ice!

...or perhaps he had simply forgotten how to open doors.

A few of his teammates offered words of encouragement and tried to help via Twitter, but to no avail:

Alas, poor Wardo... would anyone come to his aid? Who would be his hero on this daunting morning? Would he ever roam free outside of the tile and porcelain and extra soft toilet paper again??

Never fear, good people of Washington - Real American Hero John Carlson was on the job:

And so, 44 minutes after it all started, Joel Ward's long bathroom nightmare came to a merciful conclusion...

...and a grateful Ward was returned to the loving arms of his hockey family.

Godspeed, Joel. We are all truly thankful that you are safe and sound, and that Real American Hero John Carlson (and Karl Alzner and a laughing Russian and some guy with a ladder) were there to save the day. And thus ends our two-ply tale of hockey heroes and true friendship.

Operation Save Wardo - mission accomplished!

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