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The Noon Number

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A look at Alex Ovechkin generating shots and goals early and often in 2013-14

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14 - Number of times Alex Ovechkin has taken ten or more shots in a game and scored two or more goals, with the most-recent coming last night. Per Elias, "[s]ince Ovechkin made his NHL debut in October 2005, the only other players with more than one such game are Dany Heatley, Jaromir Jagr, Rick Nash, James Neal and Eric Staal with two each." (Twenty-eight other players have done it once each.)

Further to Ovechkin's shot-generation, his 20 shots on goal through two games marks the first time he's had as many over a two-game span since October 12 and 15, 2010. Too bad this strong play out of the gate is probably "just to make the point that the trip [to Greece last weekend] wasn’t a distraction at all," right, Eric Duhatschek?

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