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The Noon Number: (Top-)Six Shooters

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Looking at one potential impact of the captain's absence on the top-six forwards

Jonathan Daniel

7.92 - Average number of shots on goal per game by what will likely be tomorrow night's top-six forward group with Alex Ovechkin on the shelf with an upper-body injury.

Here's the breakdown of average shots per game by player:

Martin Erat - 0.5 
Nicklas Backstrom - 1.8
Eric Fehr - 1.3
Brooks Laich - 1.6
Marcus Johansson - 1.0
Troy Brouwer - 1.7

To put that into perspective, Ovechkin's average shots per game total? 6.25 (to say nothing of the secondary chances that grow out of those shots).

Just one more reminder that the captain is not easily replaced... but you knew that already.

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